foam -> facewash

facewash --> what I do in the morning

Dove --> bird

bird --> Toucan Sam

Toucan Sam -> Tony the Tiger

(they are both mascots for Kellogg's cereals)

Mobil --> T-Mobile

(Catherine Zeta-Jones is hot)

t-mobile --> cellphone

networking --> router

broadband --> cable modem

Cable Modem -> Sky

btw: Cable Sucks! It has only like 300 channels! Sky RoXoRs!

sky --> clouds

rain --> umbrellas

umbrella --> parasol

Hey, no fair. You went twice in a row. 8)

parasol -> For Sun

("Para" in Spanish means "for" and "sol" means sun.)

sun --> moon

I went twice in a row because I waited almost two weeks for someone to go and no one did.

moon - moonlighting

(Moonlighting was an awesome 80's show with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.)

moonlighting --> job

Ya know, when you're moonlighting you're working the nighshift for a 2nd job. :mrgreen:

school --> Gets in the way of learning stuff that really matters

too early --> school

morning news --> too early to watch

Wake Up San Francisco --> morning news

Aunt Becky --> "Wake Up San Francisco"