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That's very kind of you, but I don't like nutshells.

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Is everyone familiar with this game? Just reply with the first word that comes to your mind when you think of the last word posted. You can't respond to the post with a comment, just the word that comes to your mind. It can only be a word or a …

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Do you think that the forum software that's used makes a difference for a community? Suppose, for example, forum software all has the same options available. And we're talking about the same community of people. For a forum visitor, does seeing powered by vBulletin strike a softer note than seeing …

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Hi, I've run into absolute brickwall and am really desprate for your help please. I have a MYSQL Database with two Tables called user_comment and the second user_table. When a user register with the site, their details are kept in the user_table. the second table user_comment is so that users …

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I've got a basic subscription list signup for a website, and a basic form to input the text for sending an email to the subscribers... but I need to know what steps I need to take to create an HTML email, place a different main topic in the newsletter each …

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I want to make include file with a function, which among other things creates a link to the page itself, with an querystring variable added, how can i get the name of the current php file thus avoiding to have it as a string constant that has to be changed …

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I think I screwed up the installation of my NetGear WG602v2 wireless access point. I followed the installation guide (configured my pc with the ip address of the WG602, connected the wg602 to the ethernet port, connected to the wg602 and logged in) up to the step "click the IP …

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from what i have research, there are some barcode scanner which is uSB and are keyboard wedge have built in decoders that can read several barcode types and send them via the keyboard so info scanned appears as if it has been typed. Therefore does it means that, if the …

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I recently added a shout box to my page and I am interesting in adding emoticons. I have searched around and found no standalone emoticon script, at least none that I could get to work. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to add emoticons to my shout box script. …

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== I just need to know, I'm sure I'll be needing the info in the future. == Whenever I install win2k over win98/ME or I start on a clean install of win2k/XP, I always choose FAT32. This is mainly because I'm familiar with it, and NTFS can't be seen on …

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This script will display a previous next script that will look like this: << prev 1 2 [b]3[/b] 4 5 next >> It is clean, and avoids large numbers of pages in the prev/next links [code=php] $server = "localhost"; $user = "username"; $pass = "password"; $databasename = "yourDBname"; $db = …

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Hi friend! I would compile my file php under under Linux. Have you got an idea of this? (free solution...) Thanks a lot [Gnomix]

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Hi, I need som assistance placeing an HTML table within a PHP script. I thought I could just echo it, but I am getting a parse error. Here is the PHP code: (the parse error comes on line 339 <?php /* declare some relevant variables */ $DBhost = "localhost"; $DBuser …

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I'm having trouble getting the Lock Computer option to work. I was told that using this would make it so people would not be able to use my computer when I lock it. I do ctrl+alt+del and then lock computer and put in my password, and it still allows me …

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and found that the hardest part so far is getting people to sign up. I have been using google adwords / linking with people / and buying up adspace when I can which has given be about a 20% increase in traffic so far. This within a few days. I …

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ok lets be honest here most ppl in this forum weather they know to program or not have alot of knowledge on computers and computer systems.knowledge is power and with alot of power comes temptation. so lets be honest how many of you here have abused that power before. dont …

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I think I've done what's necessary to install mod_php in Apache, but this code fails: ----------modtest.php <?php echo $PHP_SELF?> ------------------------ When I display modtest.php in a browser, I get: Notice: Undefined variable: PHP_SELF in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\modtest.php on line 1 I've read in docs that this env var doesn't exist …

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This works: -----------PrintInfo.php <?php phpinfo(); ?> -------------------------- But this doesn't: -------------PrintInfo.html <html> <head> <title> Hello World </title> </head> <body> <?php echo 'This is my first PHP web page.'; ?> </body> </html> ------------------------- I'm using Apache 2.0 on WinXP Home with php 5. Thanks!

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Files, emails, and folders. Even the best of us sometimes misfile or loose things. Then, we need to locate that document in a hurry. Where did it go? Does this sound familiar? Microsoft launched this week a new tool called Windows Desktop Search ([url][/url]) and it works to help you …

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I moved to another place recently and in the process I moved my PC as well. The monitor may have been turned up side down or side wards in shifting process. I hooked up the computer at the new place and as soon as I turned on the PC.. There …

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Dani... I'm disappointed in you. [url=]Results of Webpage Validation[/url] :P

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hey, i recently formatted my hd, when i re-installed windows (xp) i noticed that the longer the pc was runing my mouse started to lag every 2 secs for a period of 4 secs at a time, upon looking at my processes in the task manager, i noticed my cpu …

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[php] <?php /* declar some relevant variables */ $Host = "localhost"; //location of mySQL on server $User = "michael"; //my username $Pass = "koolaide"; //my password $Name = "phpaccess"; //name of the database to be used $Table = "info"; //name of the table within the database mysql_connect ($Host, $User, $Pass, …

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hello. I have a very annoying problem with my OS. My computer freezes within minutes of turning on the computer. It usually happens whenever I attempt to web browse or install something. Within seconds after attempting to do anything, the computer locks up and I am forced to manually turn …

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Hi - very very new to PHP generally and as usual trying to run before I can walk. I have got the hang of single uploads but now need to use FTP to do multiples. I am now on day 1 of trying to work it out so I am …

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Is there anything or keawords in PHP from which I can break or continue from a LOOP in PHP?? in C for(i=0;i<=100;i++){ statement1....; statement2....; if(condition1) break; else continue; statement3....; statement4....; statement5....; } I need something like this in PHP.. Can anybody Help me?

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I have a computer that will boot (I think) but it requires an admin password to even allow it to boot. THe screen is black and there is nothing on it but Supervisor Password: Is there anyway of changing this without knowing what the previous password is? If not, what …

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Ok... i've learned intermediate ASP and am like bored to learn the rest. Nothing really driving me to learn it, so i decided to switch my efforts to php. I personally think it's more important to know an intermediate level of more languages, so if you ever have to do …

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what is php id? what does it let me do? does it let me put more than one page inside one file or something? If it does something like that, how do i use it? what is the code for it? Please help. I am sort of new to php.

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