Hi - I'm a new member -- came across this web site when I was trying to solve a problem with my computer lab at school. I am currently an Information & Communication Technology teacher at a Middle School in Tucson, AZ. I have been using technology since the 1970's (ya - before you were born LOL) when I was hired into a dept of the Univ of Ariz. They had a WANG word processor that did the monthly newsletter and then sat there the rest of the month under a dust protector. So being the "buttinsky" that I am - I starting taking the manual home at night, read a chapter and then would come in the next day to do a training on what I'd learned. By the end of the month that machine was in continious use! The rest is history.

Since then I've gone back to school got my BS in IT & MEd in Elem Ed and now am trying to convince my 10-13 year-olds that they don't know everything about technology YET! (I love it, I admit when I start the lesson with "But I know how to do that, this is boring" and end on "That's sweet Mrs. R. How'd you know all that." So, since I've had no life for the last 5 years; working and going to school full-time, I have nothing else to say, but "see ya around the water cooler."

Welcome to Daniweb "Old Timer":icon_biggrin: (Only Kidding)

Enjoy your time here. You will find that as in the case of your studies every day of the machine and testing, the same happens here. We just can't let go....LOL