:) I am a IT student.... seeking for your help in the future...:D

Hey Kim, welcome here... best of luck for the future... and do ask if you need any help...

Welcome to Daniweb. I'm sure you will find all the answers to your problems (forum wise) here. Enjoy your stay.

Hi - welcome to DaniWeb. I wish you luck with your IT program -- it's frustrating at times, but totally worth the effort.

Hi welcome, I'm new here myself. Congrats on that IT thing. I used to Teach the Microsoft Suite, VB, and Java at the local community collage. I love Programming but I am not really very good at it. You know I can write a program to find the big number, or solve an quadratic equation. But you get into any thing deeper then that I'm lost. I only know what I had to teach. Data processing class is rather limited. I hope you have a great time in the field, I know I would love it, but alas I am ancient in age and a babe in knowledge.

Hi friends, I am Liliglobe from Florida. I am new to this forum. I am here to share knowledge and experience. I love to discuss new ideas and innovative thoughts. Anyone interested?

Hi and welcome to daniweb yeah we are all interested in knowing new things lets share what you have

Welcome Liliglobe. Check out our Geek's lounge. There many discussions going on there, a lot to learn from apart from the IT side. Enjoy.