I am a newbie. Just getting started.

I work for an IT Services supplier just outside London, UK. I'm a Blackberry Support Engineer and look after the BES infrastructure for a government client.

There's loads of stuff I enjoy / am into, but I'll start in the fine tradition...

Name: Nathan
Nickname: Nate, Nate-Dogg, Nay, Natty-Dreads, Mr Chuckles
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: London, UK
Age: 35

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing electric guitar, going out with friends, movies, laughing, sleeping, swimming/running/tennis/badminton, cooking, eating, praying.

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical - U2, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Ella, Louis, Billie, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Eric Clapton, BB King, Chuck Berry,

Education: Music Ministry major (theology, philosophy, music, Bible)

Work: Blackberry Support Engineer

Favorite Food: Mexican!!!

Favorite Movies: Matrix, Star Wars, 13th Warrior, Avatar, As Good As It Gets, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Oceans 11...

Favorite TV Shows: Ray Mears' Survival, Coast

Stuff you Dislike: Pain, stress, pressure

Not the same Nathan as a few minutes ago?

Welcome to Daniweb Nathan. I'm sure you will enjoy the variety of forums and discussions here.

I am sure I will get useful information from Daniweb...thanks