Good Morning... Where to start? Well, I live near San Francisco, California. Married for almost 40 years, two kids (all grown up), two grandchildren ( 6 and under). My career started in 1966 at IBM as a Field Engineer on very large, water cooled, mainframes. I've had to reinvent myself a number of times during my working life. Moving from hardware to mainframe system programming to mainframe assembler language programming and finally to Linux.

My latest career incarnation is that of a Linux System Administrator. I've been doing that since the Iggdrasil (did I spell that right?) distribution which came out in the early 1990's. I am currently employed at a software development company in Emeryville, Ca. I am writing perl code to install/uninstall/upgrade the product suite in a Linux environment. I also get to administer ~ 100 virtual Linux/Windows machines

My main hobby is Soccer (football in the UK). I have coached youth soccer for 21 years. My 'team' is Manchester United and has been since as far back as I can remember.

I like soccer too. All the best to The Red Devils :)


soccer, yay!

welcome to the community