I got rid of the "heavy suit of burden" and got a monkey on my back instead.

(jingda recently changed the avatar image from a samurai to a....... .....
.., ...., hmmm...., ...... a rug?)

Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle. :)

What are you staring at, cat?

i am sorry but you are still single. Hope you get a wife soon and invite me to your wedding. :)

thanks for your hope but i regret to disappoint you I am not a male :D i can't get wife hahahaha

get a husband then. It has been hours already, what are you staring at. A male prehaps

and you have your date along with you :D

If I were to get a bikini wax, I would not know where to start.


A card with a lucky number. 7

King Kong taking a bath.

ACtually that is poseidon.

A blue and flat UFO

(jingda, you change your avatar quicker than a chameleon changes colors of 4th of July.)

Roadkill :D

You must be a special type of chameleon that can't change its colour.IS that a blue ray dics because it is blue in colour. LOL:D

kungFu dragon and tiger dragon :)

your avatar is crying.

Googly eyes.
Btw, when they shake you, do you see in 360 degree view?

a wave to surf

BTW code: I ALWAYS see 360-degrees

(:D, so does a wave.(wink))

Is that my shadow or is it Homer Simpson's shadow? "Mmmm"

Bye codeorder, we will miss you. Why did you terminate your account. Life in daniweb would be boring without you

commented: Thank you for the kind words. :) I have reactivated my account since I cannot hold the world responsible if only one person makes a mistake. Hope to see you around jingda. +0

i think your avatar is a little doll.

Give suggestions in MS-Office :)

why are you crying my child?

A doll or head, :D well i think a doll

A doll or head, :D well i think a doll

Is a hamster but now i had changed my avatar.

Er sergent where is your avatar???