Bump, I like this game so please keep playing!

"I think that I fooled everyone here thinking that I'm holding a trash bag, but I am actually holding Betty Rubble's hair."

sergent avatar looks like theif....

That's a really cool eagle avatar!

your cat looks like mine

Oh a cat is a daniweb member.........how??????????

Oh a cat is a daniweb member.........how??????????

it happens...

A man wearing a turban smiling with his arms cross like a leader.

your cat is angry .... maybe

Your wearing a turban, it is red.

You have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 arms and hands, 10 fingers, and the ultimate turban :D

your cat is standing on two legs

and your smiling with one mouth.

your profile pic background is blurred

Your profile pic background is a wall

youy cat is standing on something

your posing for the camera.

Curious CAT!!

There is 'A' in your profile picture

there is a person in yours.

you have moustache & beard

you don't have a moustache & beard.

what is your cat doing there ?