For all who like logic puzzles, thought experiments, etc.: I've posted a couple of blog entries on my favorite logic puzzles. I'd love to collect some more! One of them discusses the classic "Locker Problem", and the other is a weighing problem. The entries give the answers... I'm most interested in discussing how one approaches the problems, and particularly practical applications.

I hope to see you in the "blog".

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Have any of you ever heard of Altered Reality Gaming. It is based on the fact that "it is not a Game". The games are played through websites, and have forums for support. The majority of the game involves finding hidden messages, that form a series of clues, to solver murder cases mostly.

For example the site


was a ARG site for a Halo advert, posing as a Bees enthusiasts site. On more mainstream ARG sites you have to uncover codes, in main text, source code, and they may be encrypeted in ASCII code, and others. Other stuff i heard about is when false adverts are put in newspapers, people get phone calls in the middle of the night... If anyone is interested, look here


and I can provide more links on how to play from home.


I'm working on a series of enciphered and encrypted messages, to be posted here and there, as kind of a "treasure hunt" for crypto fans. The idea is very similar to what Dan Brown did with his site in conjunction with the release of The DaVinci Code.


That's cool. I've haven't graduated beyond Sudoku - but I'm addicted. It's in our local paper too and it's a good thing they have it online or who knows what state my marriage would be in. Share the chores, no problem. Share the puzzle, no way!


A friend of mine came up with this while bored in class; I made it into a little VB .NET app. The goal is to drop the numbers 1-9 onto a 9x9 grid without repeating the same number in any row or column. I'm betting there is an easy pattern, but I just wrote the thing- I'm not good at it. Let me know what you think.

Note: This will install the .NET Compact Framework if you don't have it, which could take awhile.

Here it is:


So troupm, does it set Sudoku puzzles or solve them? I haven't installed, just curious which about which part of the Sudoku challenge it fits into!


This may be an oldie, but it's one of my favorites:

Standing ankle deep in the snow, you find youself in front of a small cabin. There are no windows, and the structure is shut tight. On the outside wall there are three light-switches in a random up/down configuration. You have been told that one of these controls a floor lamp inside the cabin that is currently off. You can open the door only once, and then only to enter the cabin. Considering these restrictions, how can you determine which switch operates the lamp?


This little guy just presents the scenario and enforces the rules. I honestly don't know if it's easy or hard to solve, but it should always be possible to fill the grid with a little planning. I did add a cheat button that highlights 'valid' moves, but no solution engine.


Interesting- I had never heard of Sudoku puzzles before. Perhaps the concept is more challenging than I had thought. Thanks for the reply.

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