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Oh goodness gracious!! Didn't you ever get chickenpox when you were younger?

When I was a baby, I got chickenpox and ended up with one or two pox across my entire body. At the same time, my dad came down with shingles and was so out of it he was hallucinating. He actually had the rash down the inside lining of his mouth and throat, and in an effort to soothe it, my grandma attempted to give him some hot tea. However, she accidentally put salt in it instead of sugar.


Eeek. Bad memories for me, as I had shingles about 10 years ago. Luckily I got to the doctor as soon as the rash appeared and was given tablets which started working on it. Still, was in agony for weeks all the same - so you have my deepest sympathies. A truly nasty thing to get... :(


Haha, thanx for the tips guys (sulley).

@Dani, I've had chicken pox before. Shingles actually is the chicken pox virus which lies dormant in the base of your spine but can be triggered later on in life. I guess it's cos I'm going through a rough time at the moment so my immune system is pretty low. I'm on sooo many meds it's unreal :(

@Happygeek... By God I was in so much pain yesterday. But it seems to be clearing up. The rash is only on only side of my chest and back. It's scabbing up. I've heard about the pain lingering on after...sometimes for years? This is a really scary thought. Well I hope it doesn't happen to me.


That's what you get for taking His name in vain! Herpes zoster is a bitch. At least you got some time to contemplate your Zen stuff while you're laid up. GWS.


As soon as your shingles clear up - get the vaccine! My mom is suffering through a bout of shingles and was told that the vaccine only works after you clear up. Pain management is a biatch!!


>> I've heard about the pain lingering on after...sometimes for years? This is a really scary thought.

Took about 3 months for me.

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