I found this site cruising the web trying to find a solution to a dilemma. I usually "lurk" and check out different threads for relevance. If I run a search and all I see is hot air, then I try another site. It's a good way to sort out sites willing to help versus flaunt their own superior knowledge. Not all sites are friendly. I think I've found a home.
That being said, Thank You for the warm welcome.

By trade I am a cabinet maker. I build custom kitchens for a living. My computer is my bread and butter. Right now it's a mess and I need some serious help.

My hobbies are fishing, woodworking, reading and yes, even yard work. I also like to paint, houses not pictures. I like being outdoors.
I enjoy a good joke, even if it's on me. I've got pretty thick skin, not easily offended.
I like straight forward information, I hate Googling something 15 different ways to find what I'm looking for.

That's about it.

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Welcome to Daniweb, you sounds like you will fit pretty well here.

See ya around!

Hi, up the creek

Warmly welcome to daniweb forum and wish you have a great time here. :)