Hey there guys, i needed to design a vlan for part of my university coursework. I was hoping that some of you pros here can have a look at it and give me your opinion, it was very difficult to research and design.
I was wondering if the native vlan which is the main network with around 1000 hosts on the is the management vlan also? A thing I was not sure about either was security, there is just too much to think about, so if anyone can give me advice on anything that would be great!

Here is the diagram I made:

vlan plan

many many thanks!

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About security what are you referring to, is the firewall protection good and secure. From your link you posted your project is quite big, that means you have ti take note of a lot of thing. Still monitoring your it, will give you more feedback and advise over time. Godd luck

Good link benmar

Thanks very much for your advice, you have been most helpful!

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Hii Deucalion0

Hope i am able to help you .

As Benmar gave a link you cud see how to configure computers on their respected vlans irrespective of their physical location .

For security purposes you can add "mac-sticky " command to vlan configuration ,this would take care of authorized access of by new devicesin your network . If you want to secure your systems you cud add authentication commands

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