How did your new year resolutions from 2010 pan out during the year?

Mine was a total disaster. I think there was only one that lasted until February. All the others fell out of the bus during January... ;)

This year, mmmmm.

Definitely grow my business by at least 35%.
Loose about 7 KG.;) (The tire is getting to a setting stage now...)
The rest will be made up as we go along.:)

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I normally do not make resolutions for new year. The stop smoking one does not work for me in any case. I do, however, look forward to each ne year, in the hope it will be a better year.

What I have no choice in, is to make my business grow by at least 50% this new year, failing that, I can close shop. So, I have to get very innovative, and this is a must do or die only resolution that I have for the new year.


@Kraai, we will have a private chat soon about both our enterprises. Maybe we can refer each other...;)

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