Hi - I'm a retired mainframe programmer but an illiterate PC user. I have a Toshiba Setellite laptop (3.04, 80 GB). My main interest is in multi media and am interested in learning how to make VCD's and DVD's from a camcorder, copying movies for my own use that are not copyright protected and learning how to burn CD's and DVD's. I sometimes have trouble viewing DVD's and VCD's I have burnt on my own external DVD burner (-R).

Right now my laptop starts up very very slow. I have McAfee and the free versions of AVG, MSN antispyware, and spysweeper installed. I wonder if Yahoo messenger is the culprit bcoz it takes too long for it to come on? Is there a way I can keep Yahoo messenger but leave it out of my startup program?
Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Sugona- welcome :)

We don't deal with technical problems in this particular forum, but if you post your Yahoo messenger question in the Windows Software forum we can probably help you out.