Hello Guys!!

NickName: RJ or you can call me starmax
Age: 24
Location: CNMI
Hobby: Hiking, mountaineering, playing guitar, mixing some music...

well I'm just a simple person, I love to learn new things. actually I'm working as a Casino Dealer, for 2 years now, I'm having a part time as a Night Club DJ,.

I would like to share you something, I want to develop/gain more skills about programming, I actually have a basic knowledge about programming, but, that was since 2004 when i was in college by that time we are using C++, c#, vb6, and fox pro, after that year i graduated i never use that skills, so I forgot everything, due to friend influence... you know college life.

now got married at the age 24 at have blessed a baby boy last year December 05 2010, well anyways, Last Year November our General Manager of our Casino he told me that he just read my resume, and he asked me if i have a knowledge about making a programming or creating a simple system? (the first thing that it came up in my mind, is extra money! because my wife is still pregnant that day) I answered, Yes Sir, but only a basic... after that day he told me to meet him in his office and he shows me there system or records, (actually it a simple system for the slot machine for members of the club)... he let me sit on his chair and he told me, Okay Mr. RJ I leave you for a while, and tell me what you think when I'm Back, after 3 hours he came back and I told him that, what i noticed bout there system is the record is not organize, and its really hard o use specially to the new user, and I added up if you give me some more time I try to study this system, and create a new to make your record more organize and user friendly... and gave me a copy, actually there using Microsoft excel.

After that day!!! i keep on googling, bing, youtube etc.... to recall all the basic code of programming untill i came up using Visual Basic with Microsoft visual studio 2010, after 2 months of bloody sweat and coding!! i came up with this, its very simple program here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBt3vP85kY.

I'm just new in this kind of environment I would like to learn more...
I'm so glad to be part of this family, I hope to know you guys well.

Nice meeting you all!!!

More Power DaniWeb Team!

Best Regards


P.S. Please visit my post, i really need help!!!


Welcome to Daniweb RJ.:)

I Guess I'll see you around the VB6 forum.

Welcome to Daniweb RJ.:)

I Guess I'll see you around the VB6 forum.

Thanks, ^_^ I'm using VB.NET under Microsoft VIsual Studio 2010.

More Power Daniweb Team!