Hello everyone how is it going?:icon_mrgreen:

I am Hatem Traif from kingdom of bahrain(middle east), I am 22 years old and I am a web developer with 4 (turning 5 soon) years experience.

I have been developing Content Mangement Systems and now I am having several projects like online project management, business functions related and many others.

I am also a Technical Manager and an acting general manager (the GM is on long vacation) for a team (I prefer to call it a company because thats why I want it to be) that I have founded. The team is called Team Stonix and its website is registered within the ministry here so that we legally perform our practices.:icon_cheesygrin:

I also like programming games and currenty developing a PC game, but I am only a beginner at this.

I like to implement up to date technologies for my company and always love competitions to reach a higher level.

I am really looking forward to participate actively here and improve my skills and knowledge as I am looking for a world-level competition and I don't want the company that I am building to be locally based only.

I think I have spoken for long enough xD, sorry guys for making it so long.



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