Hey everyone im falaq,i am doing my B.E in computer science.I joined daniweb to learn more about computers and to improve my knowledge in the field of programming and i am SURE daniweb will be of great help.

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hye there ^_^

i'm newbie here too !
i little confused,where's the thread for all users to introduce themselves ? earlier,there was a thread replied more than 300 ,buat i've not noticed that the thread was actually 6 years old ! haha

quite ............ ~
anyways,i just sign up today (3/2/2011),and i'm here because i wanna be sorrounded with all these programmes with various backgrounds ^_^

oh,btw i wish Happy chinese new year to all chinese in this world !


all the best ;p

edited: oh,i really forgot to introduce myself,i'm malaysian named aqila izzaty( a girl ) i'll tell u more if u ask ,and if i think the question is reasonable for me to answered it ^_^


@aqila-in community introduction forum there is an option saying 'click here to start a new thread',just click on it and introduce yourself.:)

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