Hi, I'm new to programming. I have been taking the course for beginners on MIT's OpenCourseWare website like a few others I have seen on this site. I just finished my undergraduate in secondary education and thought that programming would be a useful skill to teach adolescence. I have been unable to create a successfull code to compute the nth prime number and am looking for some assistance. I made the mistake of posting my question on someone else's thread, for which I appologize. Nevertheless, if someone with a great deal of patience and clarity in their response could give me some help it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I have little to no experience with programming and am a beginner.

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I wanted to introduce myself. My name is BradenCrisp. I look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts with others on this forum. I have a great deal of experience in programming. I hope that I can use this experience to help others.


@BradenCrisp, you need to read our posting rules. You are hijacking another members post.:)

You need to open your own thread and post in there. Apart from that, welcome to Daniweb.:)

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