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Wanna make money online how my ideas are rubbish

or make a ipod application any tips on HOW to find ideas and pricing

I own SNIP SNIP SNIP i am looking to sell it has i don't have any ideas on hwo to make it work any ideas

making money online involves alot more than just putting a website online.

there is good ways, and bad ways.

as for your website, i didnt look at it so i could be wrong..

first, make sure you have quality content. original, and detailed. make sure you have strong meta keywords that support your information. you then want to build links. the strongest links are ones that are similiar to your website, link exchanges are good. sometimes companies will give blog owners give away products in order to build links. purchase links, google adwords, pixel tracking, and so on.
it can get expensive if you want it done quick, or it can be cheap if you put alot of manual hours into it. but it is never ending, you always want links pointing to your site from websites that searchs engine call 'quality sites' top grade a links.

set your site up on google webmaster tools, bing toolbox, submit site maps, set goals. get yourself some article directorys, write articles and include a link somehwere to your website. get as many articles out as you can. use facebook, redit, digg and so forth for social media. market yourself, with money or free again.

get email marketing strategies. intereact with your users, send out news letters, and so on. if you sell products mass mail your products. do it properly though as improperly will just destroy you. give them proper opt in and opt out procedures. use third party like constant contact.

make sure your site is seo optimized. research what people are searching for, and make quality pages based on those keywords. however dont choose to general of a keyword. use your mind for this.

selling your site, and making a new one won't make any difference. working for money online is like working for money at a job. if you suck, you dont get a raise. if you bust your ass the rewards are great.

then you can be like the illegal kids..

i might get in trouble for posting this... spamming is not recommended and it is illegal. CPAs, places that pay you for marketing there links. each click or sales nets you profit. like a ringtone site that pays you for referalls through a track back link. you could download music videos that are popular, edit them and insert the link into the music video. each time someone views it, and wants the ringtone, they click your link., you just made cash. this isnt recommended, perform honest work for a living. bad money comes quick and leaves even faster. work hard, do it right, and the net is for life.

thats my 2 cents

hmmm... how about making a blog? I have heard from a friend that you can earn money by just making a blog.. well of course your blog should be interesting so that you will have a lot of viewers (which is what you really need to earn more money).
After making a blog, maybe you could post it into your website then promote it anywhere in the web. just my suggestion :)