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Cricket world cup has been started on 19th Feb 2011, .....Have you any guess that which company has potential to win this world cup?

1. India
2. Pakistan
3. Srilanka
4. Bangladesh
5. England
6. Newzealand
7. Australisa
8. Westindies
9. Zimbabve
10. South Africa
12. Kenya
13. Nietherland
14. Ireland


I'm a South African, and although we are not the suggested favorites (as was the case in 2003 and 2007), I am sure that we will be able to pull it off. We are playing a first ever three spin bowlers which paid of recently against India.:)

My predictions -

1.South Africa
2.Sri Lanka
7.West Indies (We are playing them on Thursday!)
9.New Zealand
12. Netherlands

Considering the pitches in India,Bangla,Lanka are all kinda non-Bouncy. we can sure assure that 'spin' is the way to go.
I WOULD like to give majority of the chance to the HOME-TEAM (India)
and I would completely agree that South-Africa and Austrailia would pose major competitors for the cup this time

And what about Pakistan.

i hope for Pakistan

I'm from USA -- we don't play the game here, so I'll bet on England because I lived thee 3 years in 1980s when Iron Lady was PM.

I think USA has a team, but they could not qualify for the event.

Cricket in the USA is not a very big event. This is what Wiki said about cricket in the USA, which is why they don't really have a solid foundation to raise an international team -

The United States national cricket team is the team that represents the United States of America in international cricket matches. The team became an associate member of the International Cricket Council in 1965. The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) was suspended by the ICC for – amongst other things – failure to hold office-bearers elections under the terms of a new constitution. However, as of April 1, 2008, the necessary reformations have been made under the supervision of the West Indies Cricket Board and the ICC has welcomed the USACA back into the council.[1] Cricket still remains a minority sport in the United States, failing to gain a substantial following. There are only five proclaimed cricket pitches in the United States and only one of the players on the cricket team is from the United States.

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I thought Wales had a team, but no, we're rolled into the 'England and Wales' team, shortened to 'England'. Ok, in that case, c'mon South Africa...C'mon Oz...C'mon Kiwis.......!

You hate England that much?:)

Our game starts tomorrow, South Africa vs West Indies. I'm sure its going to be a tuff game.

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You hate England that much?:)

Our game starts tomorrow, South Africa vs West Indies. I'm sure its going to be a tuff game.

Nah, I don't hate England at all. Just friendly rivalry - "The Old Enemy". I just get hacked off when we're lumped in with them and then get forgotten. Can you imagine The Cricket Board of Namibia and South Africa and then be called Namibia?

Its time for some big cricketing moments.

True, I'll probably then opt for Netherlands (voted the worst) if they have to throw S.Aa with Namibia.

Off topic, I see you guys are doing fairly well in the rugby...;)

Who's your favorite team Das?

The Host.

There can never be any second choice.

Sure, although they are playing in India, Bangladesh (first time for them) and Sri-Lanka. I think the different "environments" is going to affect them just as much.;)

I must also add that they have been voted the most favorite team to win. I am currently watching the Indies vs us, it seems that we are going good.;)

Yeah!!! S.A. beat West Indies. Well done team!

btw I am a mutt (born in Zimbabwe, grew up till 22 in S. Africa and have lived in Boston since 1977)

Love cricket - Think India will win but obviously am supporting S. Africa - who easily could win.

If you are in the USA you can get great live and replay coverage of the ICC world cup for $39 at

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richard rabins

Why not, they ended playing the semis in 2003.

After scoring 676 runs in 99.5 overs for the loss of 18 wickets in over 7 hours, What you get is a tie. This is 4th tied match in the history of cricket world cup.

I agree. I watched the entire game, and what a game it turned out to be. I really thought that England had no chance, especially deciding on a power play on the 40th over. India started taking wickets like candy from a child. For England to draw, shows enormous dedication, especially from 2 batsmen that I thought will not even see that last over. a Four with only 4 balls 3 balls remaining, a almost run out with 2 balls remaining and then one run on the last ball (2 was needed to win), wow, awesome stuff.

Well done India! and England!

History started repeating, hat-trick in world cup.

It also seems that a lot of records is going to be blown out the water during this world cup. There quite a few "almost" hat tricks" thus far. Well done to India.

Records start tumbling.

Another hat-trick.

This is Malinga's second hat-trick of his career and in World Cups as well.

I'm missing todays game, unfair...

Now a century in half the number of balls.

Fastest in world cup.

I'm watching todays game. South Africa 333/4 in 49.4 overs, awesome stuff. JP Duminy just went out on 40 off 15 balls. GO S.A. !!!

I don't think Netherlands can repeat what Ireland did last evening.

Nah, they just got a beating. I must say Ireland did good. Its still a race to the finish...

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Ireland - funny. Listening to Robert Croft talking about it on Radio Cymru this morning. Sounded like he couldn't stop laughing about it himself.

Afridi showed the way to bowl in sub-continental pitches.