I mean who are still supporting India

Since you are with them, i am with you too.

Pakistan is the winner of this 2011 world cup....

Yeah, so far they perform very well

There is what everyone predict and support. Welcome to the the pakistan fan club, Mictom

The champ is gone long live the champ.

The new champ.

I put all my money on south Africa today.

I put all my money on south Africa today

Mine as well. I see we are fairing ok....

221/8 doesn't look too threatening a target but NZ can at least console themselves with the knowledge that they are the first team to be not be bowled out by SA in this tournament.

Very true. Now lets just hope that S.A. can bat their way to a victory. I will personally shoot Graham Smith if he starts playing a five day batting game again!:)

India will definitely bring back the glory after 1983!!!!

It seems i wasted my money on wrong guys.

Pakistan have more chance.

@Das, it seems yoou did, but if it is any consolation, so did I. I am actually quite ashamed at the moment to call myself a South African, The same game we had against England, easy to win, yet we gave it away. Stuff them ALL I say!!!!

Aussie are now in a sad state:(. they lost to pakistan, the only thing i admired about australia is their beautiful scenery and wildlife

Really sorry for SA.

They are known for repeating all sort of mistakes in the World cup.

You could say it is almost impossible

Ya.....But it not sooo easy....
Lets see...

Did You see......How about Sri Lankan batmans.............

Welldone Sri Lanka......

Wanna a complete it, If Other team couldn't win India Or Pakistan May be the winner

I expert team India will beat both of its immediate neighbors to lift the cup.

This is completely a suspense till now, I really want that India will win today's match and newzeland will win the another series, I like these both teams, I am very excited to Watch Star Sports Noe, just finger crossed now.

This is what happens when people post blindly without knowing facts.

India is not playing today :twisted:

Sri Lanka seems to be in control at the moment.