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Can some1 help me with this!!!!coz i'm going crazy.About 2 day ago I put new windows xp sp2 with norton internet security 2005 and norton system works 2005 premier.I had this software before on my machine,but i changed hard drive so had to install fresh copies.All is working good,but i cant use any ftp tools,they work ok but when i'm trying to connect say from dreamweaver 8 i'm getting message the server dosnt respond or is timed out or ...other silly things.I turned off both norton programmes but still cant connect to the server.Windows security center is turned off too.Do you have any ideas?Please help i have to finish uploading client site by tomorrow or i will lost my job!
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You are going to have alot to configure in Norton. But unfortunately I can't tell you what. I shunned Norton upon their release of the 2005 edt. I hear that 2006 they may come out with something that should bring their reputation back.

Also on a side note. Did you not just post this same post in another FTP topic. If so I posted a solution for Windows SP2, but Norton Security is a whole different story.
Please do not double post it will get confusing.

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