hi, people.
i will work on my graduation project by this semester
im studying business technology IT
i just decide that if anyone could help me with an idea.
i need a windows application program or web application to be done, so if there is anyone that can help me with an idea, that will be very thankful.
thanks :)

What the program is all about ?

What language / development environment you are using ?

Are you using any database ?



actually i studied (java, SQL, c++, visual basic, visual studio), my doctor needs a desktop application, with this tools.

i can use anything here, so just if u have any topic that u can provide me with, i will be very thankful for u :)

A simple concept that could be easy to work with:
Healthy diet calculator.
Make a database of foods, calories, etc. Make inputs where user can insert sex, age, weight, and desired weight, etc... have it generate a 30 day "diet plan" for weight loss based on FDA standards of diet and exercise.

or a project where you are to implement methods for generating and/or solving Sudoku puzzles


Implement a spreadsheet in C# 2.0 with a graphical user interface. Project components: Design a model of cell contents (Number, Text, Formula), design a syntax for cell contents (constants, formulas), parse of cell contents, compute cell dependencies (and discover circularities), recompute cell contents in the right order, implement functions and operators.