So I have this laptop, a Dell latitude D410 - tiny little thing.
I would like to load Red Hat 9 on it.
I can boot from the drive, but once inside the install, I am asked where the install files should come from and the USB volume is not accessable.

The drive is a Dell branded USB external DVD drive D/BAY model PD01S.

The laptop has no internal CD drive or bay for one.

Any thoughts on how to continue the install on this drvie once I boot from it?


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Why in the world are you using an ancient dinosaur like Red Hat 9 -- either get yourself a current version of Fedora Core, or ditch Red Hat altogether. The kernel is probably too old to support the DVD drive; I know at least Ubuntu 6 (maybe even older) has support for the D/BAY PS01S.


Ah. The book I bought to learn from has Red hat 9 install disks in the cover.
Where would you recommend downloading the ISOs from? I'd like to not end up with a version that has a backdoor built-in. Thanks for the reply.

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