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I'm currently doing a career research. I am interested in why people decide to take up a field they are in and what drives them in the industry they work in. I am looking for people who have at least 10 years of working experience and hopefully are passionate about their job.

I would appreciate it if you could just spare a little bit of your time to complete the short survey below. It will include some questions which will help me understand the factors influencing people to take up their career path and some of the challenges that you have faced and how you managed to overcome them.

Feel free to include any details which you think might be relevant as well as skip those questions which you are not comfortable in answering.

1. Personal Information
- Age:
- Gender:
- Nationality:
- Current occupation:
- Name of Company:
- Brief description of company (What does it deal with? Size etc)
- Past occupations:

2. More about Job
- How long have you been in this field?
- What is your job scope?
- When and why did you first decide to come into this field?(influencing factors) What kind of information did you look out for before entering this field?
- I understand that there are no doubt many challenges in this field. What are some of the toughest challenges which you have faced and how did you managed to overcome them?
- What do you love about your job? What motivates you to do indie game developing (Is it meaningful, do you enjoy the flexibility, or are there any other incentives?)
- Is there anything you dislike about this field?
- Do you intend to stay on in this field? Why?
- Is there any job or company which you are willing to give up your job for?

3. Dream job and previous work experience
- Have you always aspired to be doing your current job since you were young?
- If not, what company or which field have you always aspired to be in?
- What are some of the other jobs which you have considered when you younger? Do you still consider these jobs as desirable?
- Have you made any job changes? Why did you decide to leave that employment? What does your job offer you which that previous job did not?

4. A little about job personality and skills
- Which 3 words would you pick to describe yourself among this 6 and why?

Express interests and solve problems by doing.
Prefer to get to the point and know what needs to be done rather than lengthy negotiation.
Like working outdoors on concrete problems and see tangible results.

Express interest and solve problems by thinking.
Prefer to work alone, ask and provide lots of detail. Wants to know reasons behind decisions.
Enjoy researching, exploring ideas, collecting data, analysing, inquiring and using instruments.

Express interest and solve problems by creating.
Prefer creative approach; rely heavily on intuition and imagination.
Enjoy being original, independent, introspective, self-expressive, innovative and unstructured.

Express interests and solve problems by helping.
Prefer networking to gather information before creating solutions and plans of action.
Enjoy group activities and are usually skilled with words.

Express interests and solve problems by persuading.
Prefer to lead a team to achieve a goal. Like to focus on the bigger picture.
Assertive, sociable, ambitious, enthusiastic, influential and goal-oriented. May like taking personal or financial risks.

Express interests and solve problems by organizing.
Prefer to have a clear and structured plan then follow it. Pay attention to details.
Detail-oriented, logical, conforming and structured.

- In what area has your job helped you to grow?
- Were you equipped with all, or most of the necessary skills you need when you enter this field or did you pick them up as you went along?

I would really appreciate it if you guys would answer this questions. Thank you :)