Hi. I'm doing bachelor of IT and this is my third year. I intended to become a programmer when I graduate. How many programming language I need to know to be a programmer? How do I know if my programming skills is adequate/competent?

Entry level programmers are not expected to be as competent as those with a year or more experience. Just show your prospective employers that you know the basics and you will be oki. As for the number of languages, just concentrate on one or two so that you can gain expert knowledge of them. You don't want to be "Jack of All Trades, Master of None.". But you have to fullfill your school's requirements. I would say C and/or C++, Java and SQL would be good start. If you have time you should branch out into web scripting too.

I had learn C,Java and some web programming so far. I read book and do exercises but I still think those exercises are not practical. Those programs don't even exceed 100 lines of code. Anywhere else I can find resources and exercises on programming?

Thanks, Ancient Dragon.

As Ancient mentioned, try and stick to a developer language, database skills and maybe a web developing skill. Rather build on those and become an expert, then consider another language.:)

Good luck in your career.

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