...and passed thru heaven ;towards earth.

...I thank and give heaven & earth.

...and on dirt, which Not covers Earth.

..for on Earth there is a day and night, and it's about to put this story to sleep and begin a new day. :)

New horizons, clear skies, and beer.

Clear moonshine as I watch over horizon

dude are we the only ones playing this word game?

...with a broken watch I count time.

>>dude are we the only ones playing this word game?
Dude!!!, I don't know.:D

..., lost again, in sands of time.

and Again I'm lost in my code.

Thus Lost and Again became favorite words

For these few words are lost again. :D

I lost my sanity again ;)

...and these 2 words, lost me again.:D

commented: I'm not gonna post again as long as I see the words lost and again in the next posts ;) +0

Again I lost myself in the maze

..., for the maze is my own intellect.

Intellect, the word confused me.

This morning confused me, it was victorious.

..., for this morning, I have duties accomplished.

I have accomplished this homework

I ate myself, Not the homework.:D
(says a dog to his kid.master, when asked "Why did you not eat my homework?")

I will Not be filling well tomorrow.

She is filling the gas tank tomorrow.

...with the laughing gas of yesterday.