If a binary star is a system of two stars that revolve around each other, is Earth's Sun a singularity star?


(jingda, there is nothing to benefit by punishing)

If I live for death, destruction, and corruption, does that make me sane in an insane world?


Breaking the rules every now and then is mostly.done in good intention and should not be something worth having to Investigate.


Googling.Images and finding 2 mice pointing a gun at one another:D, was supposedly an "awkward" search result.


For "I" is commited to "Me" and that commitment in my book of commitments(lmaoo:D), seems eternal.


Shall I burst these bonds that hold me or yet remain, cowering in the safety of the darkness?

.don't do it man, it's not worth it.. xD

For my determination to be clear to others as well as myself, I have to leave this life's sentence a little earlie....


There are three methods your employer will convey untruths. Lying, damned lying, and statistics. Badly commented code is also popular among programmers.


After you discover everything, you will discover that you are at an end and that new "discoveries?" have to be lost.


An excess of a bodily fluid, particularly "blood", is not a good plethora for someone "from Transylvania".


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