Two words that are quite similar in singular form are have very different plural forms.

The plural of House = Houses, but the plural of Mouse = Mice.

So, by applying the "wrong" form change, can you make silly plurals?

If the plural of Goose = Geese, would the plural of Moose = Meese?

You can even take it a step from above,
If the plural of Mouse is Mice, would the plural of Spouse = Spice?


Googles -> Giggles (I think I suck at this game :p)

If the plural of goose is geese, then the plural of spruce would be "spreece"?
Or would the plural of juice be "jeece"?

If the plural of cow is kine (archaic, but yes it is...look it up) then the plural of sow is sign?
And the plural of bow (like a ship) is bine? (Think catamaran).

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This game is too hard :( Sorry

No one else thought it was fun either (notice all the posts?)


How did you make the Þ ? Never saw this before! Awesome!

Keyboard trick. If you're using a machine with a numeric keypad to the right, just hold down the <Alt> key and press '0222' on the numeric keypad. That trick will NOT work on laptops that don't have a numeric keypad.

Interestingly, if you go to the Windows Character Map application (Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Character Map), click on one of the "non-keyboard" characters, then look in the lower right corner of the window. Many times you will see in the status bar "Keystroke: Alt+0222" or something like that. You can use that in the same way as the "Thorn" character above.


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