Hi everyone here, I am just out of military and going to a community college at the moment, I am currently studying toward the Computer information systems BS degree program here offered in Cal State LA, I have couple questions below:

1. what kind of job will I usually end up with and how much is the pay to begin?
2. I heard that right now the IT job market is wide open, and it is not hard at all to find a job, is that true?
3. One reason why I choose this program is that it is computer ralated but not math orentied, It does not even require me to take Calulus classes which is what I like about it. But then what is the difference between a heavy math reqiured degree like CS and the CIS degree that I am pursuiting with?
4. Since I just started my study here at a community college, I am only taking some basic general education courses to get my classes done before I can transfer to CAL State LA, for my future study or career, what can I do now to get a head start? Like what software I need to start to self learn and what area of programming should I be looking at, if that is required at all?

I know someone must asked those questions here before, but time has changed and it is 2011, so the standards must have changed as well, if you care to help me out that would be great!

Nobody can help out here?

hi! welcome to the world of IT.

there are lots of opportunity awaited for you.

just love what your doing.

you can be a programmer :)
you can be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

goodluck :)

Yeah thanks for the scarism, would like some real help lol

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