I've got 4 older nec versa laptops with pentium 133 processors and 48mb ram and 2 gb hard drives. 3 are fully working and one has a dead motherboard. I also have 3 power supplys for the three good ones. I also have about a doezen extra 16 mb ram sticks that fit in these laptops as well as about 20 wireless b linksys pcmcia cards. They run windows 95 and 98 fine and are great for office and web/email surfing or maybe even a linux machine (i havent tried any distro yet). They have a cd-rom and floppy bay in front and touch pad as well and a 10.1" screen and the batteries work well also. I sold one on ebay over the summer for $189, if anybody is interested in any or all let me know as they are just being unused in my closet.

*No reasonable offer will be refused


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i will sell the whole thing for $100 plus shipping.

Anybody interested?

i will sell the whole thing for $100 plus shipping.

Anybody interested?

I have a niece that is Interested. How can she contact you.
You can email me at <email snipped>

i'm interested. but how about lowering the price a bit?

how much for all 3 and the psus/cards?
are oses included
can you ship to the UK?

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