Personally I miss old Disney movies, like... Lion King, Beauty and the Beast etc
The Disney channel today doesn't even play such animations anymore.
Younger kids these days only know of 3D animation movies from today, Hanna Montanna and so on :/
Of course I appreciate the advance in technology regarding animation (otherwise we wouldn't have watched Avatar :p), but I still value what I grew up with. It's a pity kids of today wont experience such things.

Even 80/90's (especially the latter) music was a lot better.
Another all time classic is the Sega :D

So what do you miss most?

The local Lido, which was a huge outdoor public swimming pool. An olympic size pool with diving bay and 3 or 4 smaller pools. I spent many a summer there in my youth. It ended up being demolished in 1991 to make way for a supermarket.. Not nearly as much fun! :(

the real gi joe cartoons :\

My youth

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I miss picking up the phone and asking the operator to connect me to <insert friend's name here>. I often knew who the operator was.

I miss dialing 'information' and asking the operator:which poker hand is higher or
How do I cook such and such?

this is too sad for me.
I don't like to talk about that.
Life is not a complete bottle , it's a half filled bottle,so there's
no point here.

I miss just being able to be a child, and to run around not caring about what people think etc..

I miss the Atlantic City of the 1980s, before they tried to turn it into an east coast Vegas.

I miss being able to just walk up to my mom and ask for money and then go out and spend it and then the whole cycle starts over...

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I miss seasame street with the count, harry monster, cookie monster with cookies, bert & earnie as is, the blue lemon head shaped fellah with the mustache. it's primarily elmo and some unheard of characters that try to rap about letters/numbers.. thank god netflix had something i could show my 1 yr old boy of the original episodes from my days

When my father hugged me and raise me above his head, now he seldom have time for me as he always travel overseas and i am too heavy. LOL

Nice one, Oalee. Miss that one definitely.

staying up to 7 am and not worrying about work the next day :O

75 RPM glass 8 inch records. Crank telephones. No TV. Easter Parades.