Hi, I've got a main project coming up and i've been thinking about creating a non english based programming language,ie in my mothertongue malayalam. But i'm not sure if its feasible. Also, should it have its own programming syntax or emulate some other programming language like C? Can someone lead me in the right direction? I've noticed there are some Robik and chinese basic which has given me some hope..

Borland and Microsoft have created (in the past, they've given up on it because it was highly unpopular) localised versions of their programming languages, so it can be done.

If you base it on C, the mathematical syntax wouldn't need much in the way of translation.

I dont know if this is a stupid question, but if the language is not English then how do you expect to take user input ?

Well I got the answer for my question.. Apparently key boards/ emulation software for non english languages are a common thing

are you really so stupid as to think that computers can't accept input in any language except English?

Not stupid ... Just less informed than you

Not stupid ... Just less informed than you

No, it's really a question of stupidity, because you'd have to have a seriously questionable understanding of what you can do with computation if you have to wonder whether programs could take input in other languages.

Thanks for the replies. I've done some reading into this and have found it to be feasible. But is it worth to be taken up as a main project? I might get around 6-7 months odd. I havent discussed with my faculty yet. Any suggestions?

You could write the higher level programming language in any human language you want. Whatever human language you want to use would have to compile down to whatever assembly language is used on the target computer. That shouldn't be a proglem either unless you want that assembly language instruction set to be written in something other than English.

Of course the creation of any high level programming language from scratch (including presumably compilers etc.) is a far from trivial task which is unlikely to be something a single person can achieve successfully in a few months time.

Hi seriousgeek and all,

I would suggest you to look http://hindawi.in/en_US/about_hindawi.php. This is FLOSS based programming language and these people need programmer and support from young guys like you. Also, they have been awarded for their initiative at various level http://hindawi.in/en_US/awards.php You can also explore Ministry of Information Technology site for more info about development of native Indian language based programming http://tdil.mit.gov.in/.


there is a independent of speech ( non-english and english ) programming language caled SIMORGH.
Simorgh Programming language is an object oriented, English and non-English, structured ( Sardine structure against Whale structure ), interpreted – precompiled, powerful, safe, with source in application ( open source code ), low in size, simple and with “Write Once-Run Anywhere“ model.
A Simorgh program is written as a series of human and also machine understandable computer instructions that can be read by other Simorgh programs, to make a new program. So a Simorgh program can be used for planning and producing SANAs.
Cd-Life is a communication network between SANAs, Super programs & Byte programs to connect them.
for more information please connect to <<snip>>

This seems rather simple.
C is written in an English like syntax. If you want to talk and write C code, use the syntax etc.
Chinese is written in a Chinese like syntax. If you want to talk and write Chinese, use the syntax etc.
Never heard of a person talking Chinese in the Swahili language!

Have you never heard of mixed-language programming :)

@AD: In fact I have done some mixed language programming in the past century. :)
In 2003 I bought a new Dutch(my native language) version of Excel. It was pure horror!!! Being used to the IF function for about 20 years and then have to type something like ALS(Dutch for IF) :'(

Ahigh level programming language on its own is impossible to manipulate other family of characters than the latin ones.

The only think you can do is ti simulate an already existing language in an new computer language that uses the type of characters you would like to use.

Like for example make a language called "my new language" amd simulate VB for example.(you can do this using the language you want to simulate)

For example setting in the GUI of the "my new language" you are about to program using VB that if you input the word "ΑΛΣ" it will run the commant "IF" etc etc etc

You have to translate lots of bug messages and words to be truly custom language.

And your language will be less sufficient or atleast slower than the original one.

The only way to have a true programing inviroment in your computer system is to program each of its chips to understand characters other than latin and thus be able to execute binary codes.

Every other trial is just an insuficient imitation that wont deliver.. just for show.

Programming in non-English is a waste of time and energy. Best way is to localise the English Program into any language, such as Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Hindi or any other language of the world with Unicode encoding