Another thing I must say is that because of programming and CSE in general, I have made a lot of new friends with varying personalities. Heck, my last girlfriend I meet was from a tutoring center for CSE. So I guess before programming, I had few friends, but after programming, don't know whether it was college or what but it definitely changed me for the better.

That's true. I have also made friends especially back in school because everyone wants ti be friends of programmers as they see them with people with strong sense of reasoning and one who can always solve their problems.

My dreams are in code, and it makes sense.
I have a job, before I didnt.
I make games, before I played them.
Numbering starts at 0.
Shit gets done.

I stopped being productive at school.
I stopped caring about school.
I started thinking in ones and zeros.
I started learning something that is becoming essential in modern day life.

After I started programming;
> I started making my daily plans in form of flowcharts.
> My friends started to going to parties without telling me.
> I watch film because of the amount of man power (i.e programming, CGI etc) involved and the technology showcased in it, not because of the story line:yawn:

I reason with this philosophy:
"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." -Rich Cook

On the one hand, learning to be a programmer makes you think in a more arranged way.. You start to be more resaonable and more logical in your thoughts.
On the other hand, it might make you frequently imagine the world as a program!
One programmer told me that sometimes while he's walking down a crowded street, he looks at the people there and wonders: "What a CPU is it that can stand rendering all these people in precise models with micro details shown in more than (infinitive) frames per second!"
When I heard this, I realized how programming could really change one's life :D
(I know it has to do with video editing and designing, but he's started to think that way since he started to learn to be a programmer.)

- It started to grow grey hair since I was 23years old. I think it is not in genes, but cannot proof it.
- I started to not like women for how they behave.
- Started to sleep during day.
- Started to play MS Solitaire more frequent. Now it is my the most played game.

- I stopped to watch TV. Now I don't even own one.

- Realized, that users, ups sorry people, yell before they say anything useful.

At least I was able to find a girlfriend before I started to work for IT.

I used to have real friends.
I used to socialize.
I used to watch sport, live and on TV.
I used to get invited to parties.
I used to know who was the current Prime Minister.

So basically programming has made you an overall more balanced person. Good for you :icon_cheesygrin:

Programming makes me a more logical person. IT DEFINITELY IMPROVED MY ABILITY IN MATHEMATICS. And, it helps me to solve many problems by reasoning with myself.

It allowed me to fullfil a childhood dream and to still have a job after I was the vistim of some downsizing, where I could earn a decent living.

Personnaly, it helped me to restructure my thinking process. And that changed my whole approach to life.

I still use it as a hobby, keeping my brain alive.

1.)Create a New Project
2.) Add the Following Code to the Form1_Load Event
3.) View My Answer ;)

Dim a As String
a = "I have learned the value of patience"

Dim b As String
b = "I have learned the value of hard work and not giving up to easily"

Dim c As String
c = "I have started thinking 'in code'"

Dim d As String
d = "I have found a career I want to pursue"

MessageBox.Show(a + vbNewLine + b + vbNewLine + c + vbNewLine + d + vbNewLine + "I code applications yet I am still popular and social :)", "How Programming Changed My Life", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information)

Hope this explained it in a language we all can understand ;)

I've become like Mr Spock inasmuch as everything has to be logical.
Also, I can relate to every other posted comment.

I don't think programming has changed my way of thinking. I don't think like a computer, unless I am programming. Computer programming was always striving for abstraction of hardware, algorithms, and all the low-level things, and human thoughts seems to me to be the most "abstracted" once, therefore the perfect programming language?

-Now i spell my name in lower camel case.
-I have become main() of my life.controlling things and outcomes of my life. It's me keep the ball rolling.
-I call my best friend
and she is !(irritated) by it.
-I use coding standards even in texting and chatting. :)

I used to get laid.

For some reason most girls just don't see the beauty in polymorphism or lambda calculus....

More time for coffee than beer. It also limits my knowledge into words, algo and numbers. I also makes me sick very often because of stress.

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> How has Programming Changed you?

I used to be a man.

I wouldn't go to details but , programming changed me a lot, first is that, I always use to be lazy kid who doesn't even care about the world, but when I learned programming I started analyzing everything, I even trace odd events that occured on that/this day, Coding practices became my life, I always play logical games, read articles that will echance your thinking. when it comes to coding, I do my very best to learn all of the concepts that needed to be learned,

and I feel pathetic for looking at everything as an object and how would day interact if I made them in a program. and lastly, I even Code nightmares, this usually happens when I am coding a project, or doing an exercise then falling asleep in front of the computer lol.