I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right category but anyways I'm looking to get a new computer and I have it narrowed down to two different computers but I'm not really sure which one to get. I'll mostly be using it for the internet, downloading music, taking notes at school, and my school does have a wireless LAN avalible.

The one I am leaning towards is the Toshiba R 15 tablet link here.

Then I am also looking at the Sony FJ series, link can be seen here.

It seems like they both have their ups and downs but I just don't know which one to choose. Which is going to have better performance and battery life?

I am impressed, you really did your homework on this! The Toshiba is an attention getter with the twist display!

I am more inclined to get a notebook for around $700 that does what I want it to do. The technology gets outdated so fast, that I rather replace the thing sooner at half the investment.

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The good thing with Laptops, is they out live Desktops, because they are not required for the performance heavy tasks.

I had a look on CNET.com at some reviews / specs, obviously they are equal on most, these are things that stuck out as being different.

Tosh - 1024x768
Sony - 1280x800
I quite like the fact that the Sony had a better resolution, and the Wide Screen aspect, although these could cancel each other out, as the twist screen would allow the Tosh to sit easier on my lap if I was watching a movie, music..... Games, the Widescreen would win, for a better res.

Tosh ~6.2
Sony ~ 5.2
I personally wouldn't buy either of these, as I like my laptops thin and light, (10.1,12.1 Screens), so out of the two, the Sony wins on weight, but....

Tosh ~ 4.5
Sony ~ 3.5
Well I remarked on Weight, but could that be partly due to a suposedly better battery life?

This is different because of the varying screen sizes, but neither not too much difference in area, proabably the Tosh is thicker by a small bit.

When it comes to Laptops / Mobiles, any small gadget, I am very vein. IMO the Sony wins based on the pics.

Looking at what you want it for, and trying to imagine such circumstances, out of the two I would go for the Toshiba. I really like the idea of the twist screen, as it would be so much more comfortable sitting on my lap than an open laptop, watching a DVD, or browsing a multimedia website, reviewing course notes, bit of music... The weight might put me off, so check out one in any shop, to ensure it is not an issue, and how they look. For School, if the specified battery lives are relative, the Toshiba would be a bonus.

I would want to look a bit more personally into the difference between XP Home / Pro and XP Tablet Edition, just so there are no suprises. So maybe 20 mins on Google for that.

Good luck, enjoy your Laptop when you get it, Regards, David