Computer with P4 2.8 & Win XP was running fine until yesterday. Then it would not start. We pulled plug, replugged and it started. Today it will not start at all. All power to computer is fine and a green light comes on near the start up button.

- Have you had any recent power outages, surges, etc. lately?

- Have you checked inside the computer? Are the fans running? Are all cards and cables firmly seated? Do you see (or smell) any signs of damaged/blown circuitry or other hardware? Do the drives sound like they at least try to spin up, or not?

- Does the computer emit any beeps when you try to start it up? If so, describe the pattern/sequence of the beeps.

- Remove any PCI cards (network card, modem, sound card, etc.) one by one. Will the computer boot whenone of those cards is not installed in the system?

- If you have more than 1 RAM module installed, test the modules by installing each one individually and attempting to boot. If the computer fails to boot only when a certain RAM module is installed, replace that module.

- If you have (and know how to use) a voltmeter, check the internal power connection points to make sure the motherboard, drives, etc. are all getting good power.

Thanks for the response..

It is possible that we have had power outages.

No fans are running, everything looks and feels seated firmly. No burnt smells, no sign of drives working.

No beeps... I'll try the cards one by one..

Only 1 RAM installed

I may have access to a voltmeter..

I'll get back with ya.. thanks again!

OK- keep us posted...

I took the cards out one by one and it still did not start up. I replaced the cards. I noticed that the cpu fan barely moved when I booted. I took out the cpu and replaced it. Now the system seems to turn on and the fans move but nothing shows on the monitor.

The fan on the power supply isn't working

I think it is the power supply.. If the power supply's fan is not splinning.... but if it is then i would think it is a motherboard issue.... or a video card if you have one..

Thanks! (The end of the beginning?... I like that) he he

The beginning lol

I think it is the power supply..


You said you might have access to a voltmeter. If so, it would be worth checking the DC feeds from your power supply to see if you at least have the proper voltages on each connector. Do the test with everything connected just make sure that still get good voltage levels under full load.

im having almost the same prob. when i turn on my laptop the lights and fan come on but have no beep sound and nothing on the screen (blank) its a toshiba tecra 8100. any suggestions? thanks

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