Hi wassup guys? My quest and passion for software development has led me to danyweb hope am definitely in the right place!!..
Name: Kabugi
Location : Nyeri/Nakuru,Kenya
Relationship Status: single

Hobbies : Making new friends,Movies,Making fun!!
Education: Computer Science(Year 3,Egerton University(Njoro)).
Work : Freelance programmer,Web Developer(novice).
Favorite TV Shows: ChurchHill live...not an ardent fun though!!
Favourite Video Games : Hitman,Prince of persia,Super Mario..
Favorite Food: Chapati and SurwaTamu!!

WElcome to daniweb, hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

Hello & Welcome to DaniWeb !

commented: Welcome back thunderstorm, i thought you had quit daniweb. lol +0