"A family man once regarded as a pillar of his community was sentenced to 40 years in prison Thursday for a string of bank robberies after being turned in by his own sons, who had recognized him from a surveillance photo. Ginglen's double life began to unravel in August 2004, when one of his sons, Peoria police officer Jared Ginglen, recognized his father on surveillance videos posted on a law enforcement Web site."

I know its wrong what he did,but his own sons turning him in????? Thats kinda me$$ed up!!

Now the unabombers brother I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY HE TURNED HIM IN!!!!!!!!

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I don't see anything wrong with this.

Family or not, the person's a criminal. He robbed banks, took innocent people's money. He was a drug addict, too, robbing banks to pay for his habit. What's the big deal? Why does it matter who turned him in?

My point is that the person got brought to justice. It shouldn't matter who brought them in, and the fact that people are trying to side with the dad because his sons brought him in is ludicrous. I applaud the sons for stepping up-- they shouldn't be chastized for turning in a bank robber.

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