Hi, Daniwebbers!

From the Midlands of UK.

Been into computers for 11+ years now and recently passed an HNC and HND in Applied IT.

Enjoy building and repairing PC's mostly and would love to own/work in one of those little repair shops you see in films where folks bring everything and you fix it for them.

Pretty clued up on the subject and try to keep up on the latest tech.

Like fixing almost everything, and if I can't do it myself I sling it!

Mainly a hardware and O/S man, but done some programming in java, c# also HTML, CSS and java script. Wouldn't claim proficiency in any of them, but done enough to pass my exams!

Came here looking for help with a specific problem but hope to be here often and give the benefit of my knowledge and maybe learn a few things. Forums and experience (and a good few mistakes!) taught me most of what I know. But that doesn't mean much without the papers, hence the HNC/HND.

That's all for now.

Welcome aboard.

I hope Daniweb will benefit from your knowledge.

Welcome aboard the daniweb ship:)