Januari and februari had only 3 (three) mildly freezing days and no snow where I live. This is quite exeptional!

Freezing rain and sleet this morning, snow coming tonight.

Temps the last week or so have been in the -15 to 0 F range, had a few inches of snow.

Looking forward to a week of highs in the 30-50 range!

Its rainy day today, Pleasant weather here. :)

Cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold and if I didn't say it.......cold. However, we're supposed to be getting some decent weather, the forecast tells me so and by decent I mean -11 C days. Can't wait for those!

I cant complain. Very fortunate to be enjoying sunny blue skies, 27C/81F, partly cloudy with a slight breeze.

Hey RJ, isn't all this effin snow sickening already? What really gets me with this snow and weather are the drivers in Winterpeg and how they can't seem to get a handle on driving in the snow.

Now, I'm not trying to imply that I'm some perfect driver but I'm not bad and my accident count is very low in my 24 years of driving. In the last 2 days I've watched 3 accidents, fender benders really, occur. Plus, people either don't use their signals or they "power use them" as I like to put it (which is where they turn it on 2 intersections away from their intended turn). I just don't get it/people's driving habits sometimes.

Las Vegas Nevada (SW USA) had the warmest January and February on record. We finally saw some rain the other day after about three months of sunshine.


My wife and I are coming there in early April and I am super pumped about that! I've never been there before and can't wait. The weather will be so great compared to this cold crap.

It's pretty warm here today. I think sprint has finally sprung because all the birds are chirping loudly.

It's -9C, no wind and really sunny. I was walking the dog in a t-shirt and sweater (me, not the dog).

Over the last couple of days the sky's been a funny bright-blue colour and there's been a strange, bright, round-thing in the sky....Not sure what it's called. But I think I have childhood memories of this kind of weather!

Heh heh. It certainly makes a change from all the cold, grey, windy-wetness we've been experiencing here in Somerset, during what has undoubtedly been the wettest winter on record for the UK!

A few unfortunate friends of mine who live out on the Somerset levels (a few miles away from my town) have joked about needing a submarine to get to their local village shop; which has been under several feet of water since January (along with much of the rest of the village!) :/

Anybody remember Ray Bradbury's short story, "All Summer in a Day"?

After more than three months of polar vortex super-chill we are going to +1C today. They keep telling us that even with all the snow we've had there is minimal flooding expected. I don't believe it for a second.

This winter has been so cold and bleak that they are willing to tell us bs about flooding. Apparently our southern neighbors have gotten a lot of snow too so.........It has to go somewhere right? I'm totally with you on that sentiment.

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Glorious - everybody out in t-shirts. Nice all weekend. Makes a change from 40 days and nights of rain.

Our area has only two seasons, hot and not so hot.

Today Tempreature is normal. No Cool and nO hot

Warm, but wind, rain storms and tornados all day. We have had four major wind/tornado storms come through during the last 24 hours and they will continue for another 6 hours or so. The only problems I have had so far is loss of electricity for about an hour (my neighborhood has underground utilities which helps a lot).

I suppose, given a choice, I would rather have snow than tornados. We had an F5 tornado about 30 miles out of town in 2007 but that sort of thing is pretty rare here.

Hot and humid here in Lima, Peru. I recently moved here (wife is Peruvian) from New Hampshire, USA. Bit of a change, as I'm sure NH was high 40s/early 50s today.

The temperature right now in India is around 37 degree celsius.

We had an F5 tornado about 30 miles out of town in 2007 but that sort of thing is pretty rare here.

That storm made my basement flood (through a vent pipe from a gas fireplace) and cost us over $10,000 by the time we were done renovating. That's not including the $3000 it cost us to re-shingle our roof because of the hail damage from that storm. Our insurance company, which we are forced to get (when holding a mortgage), paid out $0 (the a$$holes). I don't think I'll forget about that storm.

I'd get different insurance. Or was it that you were not covered for flood and hail damage? In that case you might consider expanding the coverage you have. My town had a very bad hail storm a couple years ago and everyone in town had to have their homes reroofed and resided. My insurance covered almost all of it.

They used a loop hole to not cover us for the flooding and the roof was just flat out no coverage. We debated getting different insurance but to me they're all the same and so we didn't bother wasting our time. It all leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

It's freakin' cold! In Winnipeg Canada, we've had the coldest, longest winter with the most snow in 85 years! for at least a month our snow has been melting and we still have at least 2 feet of snow.

I'm in Winnipeg and it was t-shirt weather today (in spite of the several feet of snow on the ground). It was +5C and sunny.