Started out rainy but the clods moved away, the sun shined and it warmed up a lot. Grass is green now and growing fast.

I know what that's like. We had clods living next door to us at the cottage. Once they moved away the climate improved considerably.

Great day :) Got up to 86F (30C), so I turned on the air conditioning a few minutes ago.

30C? Not for a while here yet I'm afraid. +8C was the best we could do. Sloppy enough that you sink to your waist in the snow.

It has been bright and sunny since morning :)

T-shirt weather yesterday and today, and the snow is almost all gone. And only a month late.

Am in the UK and today it's clear skys and pretty cool, it's nice. Normally the skys are completely grey for days but, it's nice today.

There is charming I mean cloudy. I think there will be rain fall.

thunder stormes and rain all night. I had to turn on the air conditioning to take out all the humidity. Reminds me of this song.

Haven't seen much april showers over here. Sunny and 17°C all the time.

Cool again here today, had to turn the furnace back on last night to take off the chill. Yesterday there were some tornadoes about 20 miles away that killed 6 people.

I saw that on the news yesterday. I'm glad it missed you. I think I'll stop complaining about the snow now.

Seems it's getting more and more terrible in the US and Canada. Keep up the good spirit guys and whishing you not too much "weather harm".

Tornadoes are as common around here as earth quakes in California. They can be devistating if you are at ground 0 but otherwise harmless.

You can say the same thing about bullets (no - I'm not trying to start that up again) - perfectly harmless unless you happen to get in the way of one.

@ddanbe - Thanks. I'm sure in a couple of weeks we'll be back at the cottage for the summer and saying that (once the good weather arrives) that the winter wasn't as bad as we once thought. Then we can get on with the summer activity - complaining about the mosquitoes.

I I'm from's too hot today...42degerr tempture today

Snow in the mountains, sunshine in the valley.

Cold and wet. I had to turn the furnace back on to take off the chill.

well, We are at that horrible time of season change, it's becomming winter. So in the mornings you freeze to death and in the evenings - like now - you walk around in you bathing suit. Ahh the heat of South Africa :)

Sunny and hot. The worst time of the year (for me) is starting...

One heck of a strong wind coming over the mountains.

It's like summer here in Winnipeg with 20 degrees C and the sun shining.