Hi Friends,
Here my targeted location is Australia...What its possible to bring a traffic from Australia...Am doing SEO for my site for the last 2 months and didn’t get listed in any of the pages on Google.com.au organic search...

Please suggest me...am waiting for your reply...good suggestions are appreciate...

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Get a dot au domain and have the web site hosted on Australian soil.

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Get a dot au domain and have the web site hosted on Australian soil.

We can use the example of a Web Designer and Developer in Melbourne, Australia.

  1. The website should be hosted in the country and if possible the city in which you plan on targeting with your online marketing strategy.

  2. The website should have on page search engine optimisation which is tailored towards the region - country - city. So, in other words these three elements, if they are identified as the target market, should be mentioned in titles, keywords, meta tags, content, on page titles, links etc within the website.

  3. Any controllable external links to the website should have a sprinkling of the region - country - city within them, without over doing it.

  4. The website should have a fully qualified domain name. In this case .com.au

Check Google adword tool & download keywords which is popular in your region just by selection your country. Use those keywords in your content. If you are working on SMO than you must join groups, communities, pages related to your country & promote it there.

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