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so I'm hoping anyone can help me, I'm planning this app, but I'm still searching if it's possible to be done or not. My question is the following: Imagine I'm in Spain, and I would like to get all the Network Operators in Spain. Is it possible to do that?

Any help is appreciated.

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Never tried to do such think. However I found this post on stackoverflow that discusses extracting data from current connection. So based on that I looked up ServiceState and that has getOperatorAlphaLong() methd that according documentation

Get current registered operator name in long alphanumeric format.

So you are able to discover your current provider. Question is if you can trigger call for discovery of all available networks...

Thank you for your quick response, I have also searched through a lot of discussions in stackoverflow, found a lot of related things to what I want, but not exactly what I want. I also found how to get your country code and other stuff that I can relate to each other, I'm starting to think that the only way to do this is by creating a database with all the network providers in the world, but we all know that's gonna take forever.

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