1. Have unlimited Bank Balance :D
  2. A memory like if i close my eyes i can feel the past moment
  3. A magic to creat anythng anytime :D

  1. Your account balance is unlimited negative value. You have been arrested for bank fraud because you can' possibly pay back all that money.

  2. You are dead.

  3. You are instantly teleported to the moon where you can perform all the magic you want.

For me.. Super powers like Super Man but I'm vulnerable to kryptonite :)
and long life :)

Have the world's money
End all of the world's trouble
And ask for more wishes :)

1) to cure all illness
2) to end all poverty
3) to end all the bloodshed in the world :(

to cure all illness

You'd also put everyone in the medical field out of work. No doctors, nurses, hospitals, hospital staff, ambulances, medics, medical insurance companies and all their employees, no government health agencies and all their employees. That means millions more people added to the provity lines and on public welfare.

to end all poverty

Well, if you end all illness then you can't possibly end poverty because you just put millions of people out of work.

end all bloodshed

Here again you're putting millions of people out of work. A large part of the world's economy is based on war and crime.

Be careful what you wish for because you might not get what you want :)

Then in that case i wish for all world problems to disappear and more wishes!

1.i wish I was popular and rich
2.i wish I was a wizard with spells and a pink wand
3.i wish I had 100,000 dollars


1) Everyone hates you.
2) You turned into a frog.
3) It was given to you in pennies and you lost all the stacks of pennies.


I wish I was a billionaire
I wish I married a super model
I wish for more wishes.

i wish
1.all the bad pearson from all over the wolrd disappeared
2.marry to that pearson i love
give a very good life to mom

I wish for:
1. to play in the NBA
2. Go to Harvard
3. create a company and go public

it is very bad thing you did posting against to my wishes and if you are a good pearson then you have to care about the fillings of other member don't take every thing as a joke

Actually, it is part of the game. You are suppose to counter each one, i dont mean any of them to be an act of bullying just to play the game and enjoy.

Sorry if it was offensive.

Oh, I don't think i was suppose to post like that in this thread. I was reading AD's original post and i confused into this one, sorry Arti for the offensive terms.

1) I own several top companies in the whole world
2) I am super smart
3) I have supernatural powers

1) Having a good life with the girl i am madly in love.
2) Becoming a successful, wealthy, respected businessman with a best company in my possession
3) A time-machine to correct some things from the past

1) become a philanthropist
2) Go to top school
3) Become a well known tycoon with a great name in society (and well known bank :D)

  1. A lot of money
  2. Being famous

@cproger, that's not 3...

oh sorry

  1. A lot of money
  2. Being Famous
  3. Getting anything I want

1-peace in world
2-food for all
3-education for all

1.everything for all (includding radioactive waste and wishes)
2.The customer is always right (No, my purchase was only 1 cent)
2.Wishing API