Hello Community,
I was wondering why can't i access my website on both of my computers, but for some reason i can access it on my ps3.
I can't even access it from filezilla, i't is like my computers are ignoring my website, and on both computer i get this message (Image-Below):

Can someone please help...

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Are you able to access the website from outside your internal network?

Don't know, but now for some reason i now have access to the website on one of my computers.

I think it could be blocking my ip because i went to a proxy website and went to the website and it let me access it, but i have had so much trouble with the website i've tried Fixing the file ownership, Reloading the account and deleting the account and remaking it.
I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but i was thing about renaming the website, i would message the host but they almost never respond, so i'm not even going to bother trying to get a response from them.

It could be your host. Do you have access to the Cpanel?

Try moving hosts?

I would move hosts but the one i'm with has such a great free package (10gb data usage and 98gb of bandwidth) by the way the company i'm with is Cixx6. I wouldn't mine moving hosts but i don't have the money to sign up with a well known website hosting company.

Oh and yes i can access the cPanel.

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