Hi all,
I hope you're having a good day. I'm 15 and as a way to earn some money this this year I am thinking of starting a small web development business. I have knowledge in HTML (4 and 5), CSS (2 and 3), PHP 5, SQL, and some knowledge of Javascript.

I don't think that my knowledge (or lack of) would be a downside, as I have already designed sites for small businesses in my area. I was thinking of charging per page, and about $15-30 for an HTML and CSS, or $40-50 for a full PHP. If you were looking at hiring a web developer what would you think? Are these prices reasonable?

Thank you in advance!


It mostly depends on the country, [ Wealthy / Poor ] as for me, i recently got in to web designing, i taught myself online, and i am already making deals to design from $500 and beyond for a complete web service ( domain, design, hosting ]

you should choose to do all and i hope you will be smart enough to google all the service provides that offer quality and yet very cheap prices. That is where the trick lies.

For me, when i get request ALL I SPEND is 12 USD [ for Domain ] + Some hours of my time and the $488 is pocketed because i know good hosting company that once you pay annual fee you can host as many website as you want for unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Good Luck

Care to share this hosting company? Sounds like a great deal indeed.

Sure! http://www.aeserver.com
If you have any questions at all, ask me OK?


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