I have seen a few other threads on this topic, but they do not seem to be asking what I wan to ask. Firstly, no this is no homework / class project. It is something that I am doing in my free time.

I impart a training session which lasts two hours and uses powerpoint completely. At the end of the training session, trainees have to pass an exam to be certified. I would like very much that the slides of the presentation be put up online such that a trainee can view them and at the end of it he/she may take the online exam. What I want to achieve is
1) A user should be able to create a username which can be his email and the email can be verified by sending him an email with a link for verification.
2) Once verified the user should be able to view the slides of the training presentation.
3) Following the presentation the user will be presented 10 questions based on the material just viewed (the questions can be stored in a database and 10 questions can be displayed at random) as part of the test.

So here is the real question - I am a programmer, but a systems programmer who survives by tinkering with compilers, assemblers and linker; I know squat about web programming. So can somebody, given my requirements, tell me what technology / programming language will I need to learn in order to achieve the 3 reqmnts above. If so can you point me to your favourite learning resource ? I do not want to be spoonfed, as much as be pointed in the right direction about what I'll need to know.

Thanks in advance and apologies for this long post.

You can design this with numerous languages Java, .NET, PHP etc. Which language are you familiar with?

You can design this with numerous languages Java, .NET, PHP etc. Which language are you familiar with?

Thanks for the reply. Of those that you mention, it'll have to be Java.

You do not have to learn Java if you know .NET or PHP as above described project can be done by either of these technologies. What I was saying is that if you let us know which language you know we may be able to point you toward more specific/relevant info

Oh I am sorry, I meant that of the languages you mention, I know only Java.

Then you should get some basics for Hibernate, and decide if you wish to build your system with plain JSP (can be faster to learn, but can grow to complex in trying to achieve some functionalities) or pick up some web framework like Wicket, Tapestry, Spring Web (these may take little longer to learn but already provide plenty of components that may simplify/ease your task)

Thanks. I will look up these and think over. I will get back if I have more questions. Thanks again.

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