Guys i'm an IT undergratuate.I have to select a Research Area Topic for my Research at University.We have to spend an one year on that research topic and have to develop a software or web solution under that topic.The solution should almost be an unique one.That means it won't be a solution which before anyone done.Plz give me some ideas.I'm appreciating that.

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you fail. It's YOUR job, YOUR research, not ours.
So it's YOUR job to come up with ideas, not ours to tell you what to do.

Yes i know.But i haven't done a research before.I just want to know what are the possible research areas.

Do something involving computers.

Thanks for the Idea.But we need to create a solution for that also.How it'll be something like AI(Artificial Intelligence)?Is it difficult?

if you can't even come up with ideas, finding solutions will be not just difficult, it will be impossible.

Ok.....Thnx for the everyone.I don't need to talk on this anymore.It's useless.Thank You very much again.

yes, it's indeed useless trying to get you to understand that you should do your own thinking.

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