I find this like really really strange for quit a few reasons. For me the most productive time to program is after 21:00 hours. The weird part is this even if i sleep like a baby and i come to work i will be productive but not nearly as productive and INTO programming as i am after dark : P

The weird thing is even if i come from work and school so tired i can barely keep my eye's open if i will sit down behind a screen i will suddenly change moods from tired to like freaky focused.

Night seems to go really well in hand whit programmer, anyone else effected by this whatever it is xD

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To me it depends on my mood, importance and focus at night... Iv'e experienced not sleeping for a whole night just to program and some nights I don't feel like typing at all :P

I was like this through university, i constantly fell asleep during lectures but could stay wide awake and focused from 10 or 11pm until 4am at times. i think it may have been due to there being noone to distract me as everyone would be in bed.

I usually did this in the start of my career but that couldn't be said programming et al, I love a graphics designing and flash scritping, I usually used to do it continues 12+ hours in weekend night but beleive me after that on Monday, I didn't want to write even a sing LOC in C# programming. But Unversity time was best because we could sleep during lecture but not in office. ;X

I am the same way. I, also, chalk it up to it being the only time of the day where there are no distractions. I am just more productive when coding at night than during the day.

the night time is the most favorable. You have your silence, no distractions and less external thoughts to do. All you think of then is CODES

I remember one funny incident recently when i am coding at late night..

Typing google.h in the browser and wondering why the hell the page is not being displayed.:)

But everytime i code , i will be very focussed until the things are going in favour of me.
But when i got stuck in code with something at night times and when i get irritated , i really want to relax....

Still i love coding....

the night time is the most favorable. You have your silence, no distractions and less external thoughts to do. All you think of then is CODES

Your absolutely right. Given the time to do your programming chores in day is something that i'm not intend to do with, especially in our house where my siblings are using my computer every now and then. But later at night, i'm picking up my phase and drives me to start CODING after they fell asleep. :zzz:

yes.. ofcourse..night times are the right times to code with fresh and concentrated mind :)

I don't usually write code in the middle of the night, well ... at least not during the week for my employer, since I don't have VPN access (yet :) )
but still, I can spend days wondering over how something is supposed to be implemented, or how to solve a problem, while after a few days, I can wake up at night thinking
"well DUH, ya moron!" 'cause it just 'came to me in a flash' :)

I've had that several times, so, .. whether I write a lot of code or not, I do think that being able to go over it without colleagues or testers or ... to come ask questions, radio's playing, ... there's that bit of extra concentration, even while asleep.

too bad they don't pay us for being relaxed late at night :)

I guess programming at night is every programmer's favourite.
No distractions: boring TV shows, everyone asleep.
Just some cans of energy drink, some good music and you're gone for a few hours :)

I agree. I can obviously work during the day but when I code at night I seem more focused, less distracted (maybe that the key actually) and I get far more done.

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