Hello daniweblings!

So my name is Jeff,

I am new to all of this programming/code stuff. I guess it all started with some HTML(not programming) about 5 years ago... and then I moved up to Autohotkeys when I started playing WOW! Yes, i got addicted and decided that multiboxing was much more fun than only one character!

I guess ive been reading about python for a month now and I just started working with it a couple weeks ago... working on a project for my employer. (I am not employed as a programmer, I am a delivery driver, how I made that transition im not sure, but I'm loving it!)

I am single as well, we have a lot of single peeps here... hmmmm... staying up all night coding and playing WOW doesnt realy leave much time for anything/anyone else... ;)

I like listening to classical music, love the mountains and beach, i prefer the country over the city, and ... well ... love to travel, but who doesn't.

I am blown away with the things you can do with programming... i never knew until i started working on one project, and now my mind is racing with new ideas... this is some amazing stuff, how cool it is to create stuff!

33 and still learning... I think im going to become a pilot next, love to fly!

i guess thats about it... a big thanks for everyone in here, i am greatful for the resource provided here! Hopefully i will be able to contribute to the next noob! :)

Thanks for the welcome Happygeek! :)